KDNA is a Los Angeles based production company, specializing in music videos, commercials, short films, comedic sketches, and all things filmmaking. Comprising first generation and immigrant artists, KDNA embraces the creative value of all ethnicities, cultures, individuals, and traditions that embody Southern California and the world. With a focus on both original productions and artist collaborations, the collective expertise and personal touch of all the filmmakers involved has produced content with a distinct L.A. flare.


KDNA was founded in 2010 by Kim Dana during her senior year of high school. A lifelong passion for music and film kickstarted her filmmaking career shooting and directing music videos for local artists. Over the past decade, she’s directed, produced, and edited several short films, documentaries, commercials, and comedic skits for both independent and professional artists. Kim’s passion for the cinematic arts, along with her years of experience as an artist and creator, hope to propel KDNA to ultimately produce television series and feature length films.

Kim received her Bachelor Of Arts in Film Production from California State University Northridge, Class of 2016.


Driven by an inherent love for the arts and all things creative, Luis Castillo’s foray into filmmaking and producing came naturally. With beginnings in music and sketch comedy, to producing television, film, and podcasts for well-known comedians such as James Corden and Jim Jeffries, Luis possesses a desire to surround himself in all things creative. With roots of Mexican and Guatemalan descent, along with growing up in the vibrant, culture rich community of Inglewood, CA, Luis has emphasized the advancement of Los Angeles’ Latino/Hispanic influence in his own art. A self-starter, he currently produces his own podcast and writes, produces, and edits content for KDNA and other Los Angeles artists.

Luis received his Bachelor of Arts in Film Production from California State University Northridge, Class of 2016.


Influenced by filmmaking’s ability to elicit emotions along with a self-described “melting pot” of cultures derived from his Filipino/Chinese descent, Ernest Lao works as a director, editor, cinematographer, and writer. His years long experience as a Cinematographer and Director have allowed him to work through KDNA with renowned Los Angeles street artists Kai and Jazz Guetta, along with NFL stars Rob Gronkowski and Jamal Adams. Ernest currently works as the lead cinematographer for KDNA, and along with Luis Castillo and Kim Dana, has produced, written, and directed many of KDNA’s comedic sketches. A San Fernando Valley native, Ernest embraces the culture clash of ethnicities and cultures of the North Los Angeles Area, a key component of much of his writing and art.

Ernest received his Bachelor of Arts in Film Production from California State University Northridge, Class of 2016.


Fascinated by the worlds of sound and music, Sydnee Crichi's avenue into film production began behind the scenes. With beginnings in high school theater productions both in front and behind the curtain, Sydnee’s personal explorations of the medium gradually led to a vested interest in Sound Recording and Design. After spending time in her college years crashing cinema and television courses, leading to her work being presented at CSUN’s Annual Film Showcase, she has furthered her study of cinema, music, and art travelling abroad and incorporating new cultures to broaden her horizons. She currently works as KDNA’s head Sound Designer and Recorder, as well as contributing to the writing and production of KDNA’s content.

Sydnee received her Bachelor of Arts in Television Sound from California State University Northridge, Class of 2019.


Axel Cubias is a San Fernando Valley native of Mexican/Guatemalan descent who works as a 35mm film Photographer, Key Grip, Writer, Musician, and Studio Technician in Los Angeles. Born into a family of immigrant artists, a life defined by and all things creative was seemingly set in stone from day one. A self-described creatively obsessive empath, Axel derives much of his work from his own life experiences, equal parts positive and negative, in an effort to connect to his audience in more personal, intimate ways. He works as a photographer, camera operator, lighting technician, and contributing writer for KDNA.

Axel received his Bachelor Of Arts in Film Production from California State University Northridge, Class of 2016.